Journey Into XR Development

Welcome to ADO (A Developers Odyssey), this is an ever growing site that showcases a path in becoming an XR Developer. Although not all journeys are the same to each individual, the end point is still similar. That is why I want to create a space were I am able to share my journey into the XR field.


Completed Projects & Prototypes

Like all creators, where they have a room of their gadgets or trinkets. The following is a link to my growing portfolio. This section will consist of all types of projects or prototypes from simple coding or any project in the XR list (AR, VR, MR). It will contain my attempts of trying something new, or just tutorial example that followed to just learn how to set up a simple function. I can’t plan this section to be pretty, the road to creation never is, but what I can do is display an organized and concise log of what I did. Please enjoy.

Latest Posts

Currently In My Journey...

The goal of this blog is to account my journey into the XR world. I will strive to be active in my post’s and to write down all of my experiences, events, books read, videos or tutorials watched, and encounters I have gone through. I want to keep record of all of this to better show case the “Odyssey” that an eager individual would do in order to be a good XR Developer. Although I have no clue what accounts for being a good XR Developer, I hope I can share some light on this to those who are seeking for it. 

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